Instrument price is 400 PLN per piece. If You would like to order more instruments, we can negotiate discount. Please call us.

On individual order we make Tank drums of other scales, keys or frequencies (432Hz).We can also prepare a chromatic set of instruments.

Additional fee in case of individual order is 50 PLN. It takes two weeks to prepare a delivery. In case of bulk order delivery time may vary.

Additionally we can deliver:

- Instrument case for 50 PLN

- Instrument stand made of technical carton or steel wire

- Drum sticks for 16 PLN


Originator of Tank drum jest Dennis Havlen.  Instrument was invented by him in 2007. It is small version of instrument named Hang. We are very grateful to inventor of Tank drum for sharing his idea. You can come upon producers calling their product Hapi drum, which is a mistake (or just commercial trick), because Hapi is proper name of one of companies making those wonderful instruments.