My name is Natalia Sovka. Sowka in Polish means little owl. Iwas called that name since I was a child because my parents always had trouble putting me into bed.

I’ve arrived to Poland in 1992 and I live here until now. Something captivated and held me in Poland. I come from „almost” artistic family. In our home, during family meetings we had always sing and play music. Since my childhood I love rythm and I ‘m fascinated by percussion instruments.

So in the course of life I’ve met Wojtek Sowka and became his wife. -

My husband took my heart at once, when I learned his second name is Sowka and he is a drummer and moreover designer of unique percussion instruments. I knew that time Fate showed me my way.

Between 2009 - 2012 I was teaching playing Steelpan to children and youth in Warsaw community centre. During all years of work with Tank drums (2007-2012) my husband and I gained experience allowing us to optimally prepare gas cylinders and subsequently turn them into Tank Drums for musicians.

After demise of Wojtek, with all my experience in making and tuning Tank Drums, I took over the workshop and now continue my work with long-time friend of Wojtek – Marek Molodecki. His workshop page is

Since couple of years we sell our instruments not only in Poland but also abroad.

Originator of Tank drum jest Dennis Havlen.  Instrument was invented by him in 2007. It is small version of instrument named Hang. We are very greatful to inventor of Tank drum for sharing his idea. You can come upon producers calling their product Hapi drum,which is a big mistake (or just commercial trick), because Hapi is proper name of one of companies making those wonderful instruments.